VIP profiles get 1000% more views

VIP profiles are shown at the top of the website.

VIP profiles get 10-20 times more views and than regular ads.


VIP profile prices

Pay easily and safely via credit card or bank transfer

1 VIP profile for independent

1100 czk

1 month


Package features
  • VIP shown on top of the webpage
    More than 100 000 visitors a month will see your profile
  • 1000% more views
    VIP helps you to show that you are special!
  • Beautiful VIP badge
    A VIP badge is displayed next to the advertisement
  • Easy and secure payment
    Pay via credit card or bank transfer

4 VIP profiles for Agency

1800 czk

1 month

Take your agencies visibility to next level.

Package features
  • You get 4 vip profiles
    More than 1000 % more views for you
  • Show that you are a realy agency
    If you are not a VIP agency, how can customers trust you?
  • Profiles shown on top of the website
    Show customers that you are unique and stand out!
  • Easy payment via credit card or bank transfer
    Pay securely via credit card or bank transfer

Tired of not standing out from the hundreds of people?

Vip profiles make you stand out, they show that you are unique

You get the views!

Wtih more than 100 000 unique visitors a month, VIP profiles get the most of those views

Easy way for an agency

An agency can choose between 4 or 10 vip profiles.

Easy payment

You can pay via credit card or bank transfer - for details of bank transfer, send us an email at info at